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We believe that every graphic design product has to be unique and designed to address specific needs in a thorough working process. That’s why we’ve created The DESIGNSHIP GUIDE - a toolkit for graphic designers and everyone who needs graphic design services and wants to know more about the creative processes behind them. In this Guide you will find The Main Workflow, The Creative Brief Canvas, and The Keywords Definition Canvas, made in print friendly versions. You could use The Main Workflow to structure all stages of your design project. We consider the second one - The Creative Brief Canvas, as the most important one for the foundation of one design project. Whether you follow the whole suggested working process, or not, you always have to start with the brief. The last canvas is also very important and it will help you to define the main keywords, which will inspire your creative idea and concept and will help you for their implementation. Thank you for downloading the Designship Guide.





To see the client as a partner in the creative process To be happy to start a design project
To be prepared how to work together with the client To inspire the creative design process 
To involve the client in the right steps of the projects To spot the real challenges in order to receive the best design solutions 
To know how to convince in the proposed creative concepts To know where to help and where to let designer do his job 
To make the process visible To trust more in the creativity of the designers